Board meetings vary widely in how they’re conducted – from the formal (aligning every name to that of their official titles, having meetings in a boardroom that has strict rules and rigorous procedures) to more informal (meetings can take place anywhere from coffee shops to the homes of members).Read More →

Board portals provide a complete platform for directors and administrators to collaborate to plan for meetings and share information, manage tasks, and collaborate. They offer a range of tools to improve productivity, such as in-app messaging and task management, access to old documents and personal dashboards. This allows Boards toRead More → The software for your virtual data room that you choose can have an impact on your business. Selecting the right vendor is an important choice which requires a careful assessment of security and user-friendliness. It’s important to be clear about what you intend to accomplish through your data room.Read More →

Data rooms are crucial for facilitating deal transaction and other applications in which confidential documents are shared with multiple parties. Business leaders must transfer large quantities of data to third-party partners in mergers and acquisitions, capital raisings, IPOs or legal proceedings without compromising intellectual property. To ensure that due diligenceRead More →

Collaboration tools are great for virtual meetings, video conferencing, project management or even Continued file sharing. They make working in a team easy and effective. In the world where more than two thirds of employees spend more than 60 minutes per day switching between different apps to complete their work,Read More → Many people think of board management efficiency mostly in terms of the directors themselves and how they are equipped to drive best practices and speed up decision-making. But a successful and efficient board is a complex web of different components that need to work together to be effective. ThisRead More →

Often, the process of selling a company requires sensitive documents and data be shared with multiple buyers. Virtual data rooms are the ideal solution for those looking to sell their business, or who wants to securely share sensitive information. A data room, also referred to as a due diligence virtualRead More →

About 65% of law firms have been impacted by cyberattacks, highlighting the necessity of secure data management solutions. A VDR is an online repository that allows lawyers to upload and organize confidential data. They can share it with customers partners, clients and other stakeholders in a secure way without fearingRead More →

A program that allows users to create information, like documents, graphics, or video clips. Productivity suites are frequently used to create documents for business such as memos or presentations. They also allow users to store and share files which can help improve team collaboration and communication. They differ from utilityRead More →

The ability for employees to access files remotely and share the files with team members across the world is no longer just an option that is merely a nice thing to have It’s an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. Secure online file access is vital for everyone, whetherRead More →