Nearly everything we eat, drink, or own contains plastic or is contained in plastic. Some plastics, like those that contain BPA or other harmful chemicals, can negatively affect our bodies or the world we live in. Very thin sheets (≈2–20 µm) of polypropylene are used as a dielectric within certainRead More →

Likewise, this journal entry of dividend declared that the company record will increase total liabilities while decreasing total equity on the balance sheet. And as with debiting the retained earnings account, you’ll credit the total declared dividend value. Also, in the journal entry of cash dividends, some companies may useRead More →

Capitalization limitsA capitalization limit, or cap limit, is the threshold above which a company capitalizes assets. If a company purchases an item below the capitalization limit, it must charge that item as an expense in the current year. However, if the item in question exceeds the capitalization limit, then itRead More →

Whenever CI is listed on the balance sheet, the must be included in the general purpose financial statements to give external users details about how CI is computed. The direct labour, materials, and overhead charges you spend to supply your goods or services are included in your cost ofRead More →

Moreover, doing so will also offer an added advantage of recognizing multiple other growth opportunities. Law firms are all about seasoned lawyers and expert legal counselors. Bookkeeping and accounting cycles are not the areas they spend the most of their time around. Accounting for law firms may be new orRead More →

Most states also exempt bulk sales, such as sales of an entire business. Most states exempt from sales tax goods purchased for use as ingredients or parts in further manufacturing. Buyers in exempt sales must follow certain procedures or face tax. A seller of a house or real estate paysRead More →