Many people are opting to live green because of the rising cost of water and fuel. Eco-friendly housing comes with numerous benefits from energy efficient methods that reduce the cost of designing features and building materials which help reduce the carbon footprint of your home. The demand for these homes is at an all-time record.

To satisfy this requirement, builders have created everything from Earthship homes that look like a fairytale to bermed houses that blend into the landscape to make the most of the natural surroundings. Generally speaking, a green home is made from non-toxic materials that are as environmentally-friendly as possible. It is also designed to create minimal pollution during construction and incorporate renewable water and energy systems.

Green homes are more expensive to construct or buy however they pay for themselves over time with lower utility bills. They also require less maintenance and therefore cost you less in repairs.

Lastly they are more durable and offer the option of using recycled products. This helps to lessen environmental impact, but also an excellent way to benefit your local community as well as the economy.

With increasing numbers of people looking at their environmental impact Real estate companies are noticing the demand for green homes. Although they might not be able to meet every buyer’s desire for a new eco-friendly home however, many are adding green features and helping customers find the right house. So if you’re on the search for a sustainable home, here are six things to look out for.